Friday, 9 February 2018

Pakistani Engagement Outfit Style 2018

There are many engagement Pakistani dress ideas that will surely confuse you about what you should wear on your engagement day. You will see many engagement brides carrying different style Pakistani engagment dresses, and that totally depends on the bride’s choice. Some girls choose a light decent engagement dress, while some choose to wear a bold color with heavy work. It totally depends on you and your choice of what you want to flaunt on your engagement day. 

If you are getting engaged this year, here are some beautiful and classy engagement dresses for bride that you can take idea from.

Engagement is a beautiful event, with amazing decorations and light colored pretty clothes. If you are looking for a decent and stunning Pakistani engagement dress, here is an Ansab Jhangir design for you. It is a white colored fall maxi with light d├ęcor with a pastel pink contrast bridal dresses.

If you want something beside of white or off white for your engagement day, here is a pastel blue engagement dress for bride. This Maria.B outfit is the perfect choice for every engagement bride. This pastel blue is in contrast with grey embroidered borders and dupatta. Also, look at the pretty jaal details on the top of this stunning pakistani engagement dress.

Here is another idea for a latest Pakistani engagement dress. It is a net embroidered fawn angrakha style peplum with an embroidered net garara. This dress will also look very beautiful because of the unique trousers. Also, carry a bold color velvet dupatta to complete your bridal look.

Maxi is a girl’s favorite outfit and many prefer a beautiful fall maxi for their engagement. If you are looking for a good engagement dress for bride, here is an inspiration. This maxi is a light pink colored net with silver embroidery done on the sleeves and body, which makes it perfect for an engagement bride.

Engagement Dress Ideas by Jana Williams

Look pretty and desi by wearing a long frock, churidar and a royal looking dupatta. For your engagement, one will look amazing wearing this beautiful light peach color simple embroidered long frock and a traditional churidar pajama. By carrying a pretty bold colored embroidered shawl, you will look lovely as an engagement bride.

Light colors do look beautiful on brides for the engagement event. This tea pink embroidered shirt and lehenga is a perfect fit as a bridal dresses for walima function. The shirt is full with silver and pink floral embroidery and jaal work. Also, the net lehenga looks stunning with pearls and a net dupatta.

Choose a simple yet classic Pakistani engagement dress for your engagement this year. Like this perfect inspiration, it is a pastel green embroidered shirt and lehenga, with light embroidery on dupatta. The sleeve details on this pastel green engagement dress looks very pretty.

Or this beautiful open shirt lehenga style will look stunning on every engagement bride. It is a very unique style with silk lehenga and gold embroidered borders. The shirt of this light pink engagement dress is heavily embroidered with a nifty gold design.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Not Sure Which Hairstyle To Choose in 2017 - Men's Check Spikes!

One of the most famous and very flattering men hairstyles 2017 is spikes. This style is never out of trend and it has the strange ability to suit most of the facial features and hair types. Another best feature that attracts guys to this style is that it does not take much time to maintain it. With little changes in the style of the spikes and hair length, you can manage to have a completely different look. So go for spikes this time and check the following ideas for inspirational men haircuts 2017 are:-

Classic Spikes

Let us check first the classic spikes. Classic spikes, with a touch of ruffle, look great. In this style hair is typically vertical with shorter sides, but not faded or fully shaved. In classic spikes, you have to maintain all the hair on the top of your head with some product but there is no need of arranging them in a line starting from the crown to the back. They have been appreciated since the past century and this style is still popular in teens and young men.

Spikes With Volume

Hair with volume makes it pretty easy to maintain spikes with some matte product. With voluminous hair, keep the sides short but make sure that they aren’t very short. Work the spikes on top with your fingers and also with some product. They add personality to your hair.

Spikes With Undercut

If you want to emphasize your spikes, go for undercut. The undercut defines the spikes boldly. Manage a clean line at the border of your hair at the neck and sides. But in this style, do not grow your hair on the top of your head so long. Keep the length medium to balance the undercut. 

Coarse Hair Spikes

Coarse hair aids spikes naturally. The ends of the hair stick upwards without any extra product or styling trick. Go for a haircut that is in round shape with temple fade. Hair should be kept short at the sides of the neck and behind the head. The hair on top of the head is then easy to be maintained.

Long Spikes

Long spikes can create dramatic effects, especially, if you keep them long at the front. You need some products to help your hair spike up.

Messy Spikes

Ruffle your hair and maintain that tousled texture. Now, manage spikes not exactly vertical but prominent and bold. They just look great and bestow upon you a friendly aura.

Sharp Spikes with Low Fade

This is a classy men hairstyles 2017 in spikes. Maintain a high-low fade around the neck, at the temple and sides. Leave the hair on top evenly cut in medium length. Work with spikes and keep the direction of spikes slightly tilted towards back at the front of your head. This style is one of the most striking options in trendsetting spikes. So, you can go for it with full confidence and it will never let you down.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

10 Coolest Hairstyles and Beard Grooming Ideas for Men

If you are one of those men who are gifted with lush and thick facial hair, you must try several beard styles to flaunt your natural masculinity. Beard styles are numerous and every man with his specific features can choose many of them. Pick a few styles from below 10 Coolest Hairstyles and Beard Grooming Ideas for Men for your face from the ideas below:

With a tidier and cleaner look, Balbo is the most popular beard style these days. This is highly suitable for men with narrow jaws, short haircut, pointy chin and thin lips. Keep the mustaches short and narrow for best results. 

  • Balbo
  • Circle Beard 
  • Stretched Goatee
  • Short Stubble 
  • Goatee 
  • Full Beard  

This beard style is achieved by growing beard and mustache and then taming them both in a round shape like a goatee style but around the mouth only. The sides on your cheeks are fully shaved. This beard defines the face in a more presentable manner.

This beard is an extended shape of goatee. From both sides, the beard is kept stretched till half of the cheeks only. The sideburns are fully shaved. The mustaches are kept in medium length and width but the ends come down and merge in the beard. 

Short stubble beard style can be achieved in a few days. The trick is to quit shaving for 2-3 days and then groom the edges clean. Easy to maintain and hassle-free to style, this beard is very famous among young men. 

This style has many forms and shapes. According to your face shape, keep it round or pointy at the chin, give it short or medium length, trim it highly defining or just leave it a bit untamed. 

All over the world, in many different cultures, full beard is most favored by men. It exhibits more of men’s features than other shorter trendy beards. Keeping it well-trimmed is the trick to look amiable among clean shaved population. Another trick is to cut your hair in a trendy way and style them matching with your dense beard. Medium length hair with slick back combing or classic side parted undercut would match a full beard.

The following 4 beard grooming ideas work well with certain hairstyles:

Slick Back Long Hair with Round Full Beard 

This style suits many different types of faces because of its full features. Try it, you will find it amazing. Use some product for a clean slick back style and keep the beard carefully trimmed!

High Fade With Slick Back And Full Beard

In this style, you can keep your beard long but edges should be clean from outgrowing hair. It adds to your serene look, especially, with your well-groomed hairstyle. 

Man-Bun With Full Beard 

Reflecting vintage trends, this beard looks classic especially when you add a bun with it. So, you need to maintain long hair with a full beard to make a complete bun. Keep the style of your beard well-groomed and do not let edges go unruly. 

Long Hair With Undercut And Long Shape Beard 

Long hair with undercuts looks great when you have a full beard. Let your hair fall at either side while keep the beard trimmed in a long shape.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles that will be Trending in 2017

As Men always pay close attention to the kind of haircuts and hairstyles they get we are presenting the Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles that will be Trending in 2017. Of course, a haircut can make or break their beautiful look and the kind of personality they have. As 2017 draws closer, let’s take a look at some of the haircuts and hairstyles that will be trending during next year.

Marble hair isn’t for ladies only, just adopt the dye trend and opt for a smoky gray color for your hair. The roots should be kept dark while the ends must be lighter so that some thickness and depth could be added to the medium hair.

Here we go with following men’s haircuts and stylish hairstyles that will be trending in 2017 with details.
  • Soft & Smoky Hairstyle For Men
  • Slick Back Undercut
  • Tapered Haircut With Neat Side Part
  • Disheveled Haircut With A Highlighted Fringe
  • Curly Short Hair Style For Men
  • Varied Length Haircut
  • Long Top and Short Sides Hairstyle for Curly Hair
  • Solution to Thinning Hair
  • Creative & Curly Short Fauxhawk

This is yet another ferocious variation of undercuts. Rather than cutting your hair on top in different lengths, you can grow hair in same length and then sweep them back to make them look classy. Obviously, here your beard will serve as a center-piece and the haircut will complement it perfectly.

Though many of us love to see untamed, wild man buns and locks, we must admit the fact that clean hairstyle always looks classier. A good example could be styled tapered haircut with well-defined side parts.

Highlighted fringe remains to be an evergreen men's hairstyle. In this haircut, you just have to make sure that you let your hair keep growing longer and make angled layers. The style looks perfect on faces with oval, square, and triangular shapes.

This hairstyle is tailor-made for showing off strong chiseled looking faces perfectly. This sophisticated and slightly mussed hairstyle for men fits perfectly for preppy people who don’t take their life much seriously.

Haircuts for men are usually quite mundane and are identified only by the blade numbers mostly. However, with some creativity, every man can get cool haircut. That’s exactly the case with this haircut. You can go with longer quaff that is brushed back towards the top and the hair start getting shorter as they descend.

Somewhat more hair are taken off from sides in this hairstyle so that top can become more evident. Disconnected section draws attention towards your beard as well and let it pop even more.

Many a times, men face thinning hair at their crown and it becomes more noticeable in men with dark hair. The solution is to cut the length short. Get well-trimmed and nice quiff facial hair in order to look irresistible. That's a good way to get men's hairstyle 2017 easily in order to attain proper style.

The look is tailor made for the black men and they can go for it if they want something other than low-top fades. It can be considered a great option for showing off the curly hair and still be able to sport fade that fade haircut. What’s even better is that this look can be turned into Mohawk if you allow the hair to grow little more. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tired Of Grooming Short Curly Hair? Here Are 5 Top Tips

The first thing you do to style your curly hair in short size is to give a perfect cut to your hair. For this, a saloon visit is the best option. After that you can spend some time in choosing good products with which you can manage your style and tame your little curls. Hairs with 2” to 3” length are considered short in curls and they reduce your styling time too. Here are 5 top tips to keep your short curly hair tamed and looking great most of the time.

Check these five steps for the Hair Problem Solution

  1. Choose Your Shampoo 
  2. Pat And Do Not Rub 
  3. Use Hair Moisturizing Conditioner 
  4. Comb Using Fingers 
  5. Apply Hair-Care Products 

Choose Your Shampoo 

Curly hairs are mostly dry because the natural oil on the scalp does not find it easy to move down to the roots. Use of shampoo removes the oil and hair tends to be even dryer. So, you need to use the shampoo once a week only and must select your shampoo with great care. 

Any formula added with sulfate is not suitable for you. Pick a shampoo that is specially made for curly hair as its formula is added with what your curls need.

Pat And Do Not Rub

After washing your hair use the towel only for patting down your hair and not rubbing. Damage is increased with rubbing and hair tends to become like animated cartoons and frizzy. Better, if you avoid the towel completely and use an old pure cotton T-shirt instead of tapping down your hair. 

Use Hair Moisturizing Conditioner 

For better and more focused care of your curls, get a suitable conditioner for your hair. Make sure that you get something that has more moisture and suits your hair type. You can use it more frequently and not only after shampooing your hair. 

Comb Using Fingers 

Combing curly hair frequently with a typical comb or brush is a totally wrong idea. This makes your hair buffy and you lose those soft well-formed little curves that add personality to your hairstyle. Use your fingers to softly undo the knots, if there are any. If a comb is needed at all, go for a wide teeth comb. These are sold at any store selling hair-care products.

Apply Hair-Care Products 

Using hair-care products for curly hair is highly recommended. You can ask your personal barber to recommend a few. You can also try one or two based on the information written on the packs and discover what suits you better. But do not forget that the trick is also in the way you apply them in your hair. Rub a little amount between your palms and apply gently all over the hair. Do not rub hard. Let your curls look shiny and smooth but not weighed down with grease. Also, make sure that you distribute evenly. The best thing is that you should apply the products in your hair when they are a little wet but the water is not dripping down.  Last, but not the least, get good hair treatment after a while to keep your hair well-groomed at all times. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

8 Best Hairstyles For Men

Here we go with the 8 best hairstyles for men. Men’s fashion and style is closely associated with the kind of hair they have and the haircut they get to groom their personality even further. With so many different options around, short hairstyles are always popular as they allow you to have classy looks in a variety of ways. Here are top 10 hairstyles for men that can make you look gorgeous. 

Slicked Back Undercut

It is an undercut variation that needs you to have really short sides and back with quite long bangs as well as thickness on top. You can achieve the desired look with the help of gel, if wet look is desirable, or pomade. 

Short & Tight

In order to give yourself that fresh look which needs minimal maintenance, short & tight haircut is definitely tailor made for you. This haircut requires you to have short hair overall while some thickness is left on top. Textured look can be achieved by using some wax on top.

Brushed Up

You may be very well familiar with Caesar Cut. The brushed up hairstyle is some caesar cut’s longer version of sorts. It requires you to have somewhat shorter hair on back and sides of the head. Hair on top of the head is spiked in upward direction by using a brush and some wax. Doing so will provide you with complete layered effect.

Short Sides & Back

This style can suit, literally, any face. Short sides & back are the most appropriate choice for people who want zero or little maintenance of hair after initially setting them in their chosen style. In order to achieve more dramatic appearance, you can go for sides that are extra short.

Slicked Back

You can easily get this look if you want to make sure that your hair stays on top for a little longer. You can sweep the hair on top in backwards direction by using some wax. After that, the sides should be slicked backwards in same direction as well.

Angular Fringe

This is probably the best hairstyle for the summer months. You can achieve this epic style by keeping your front hair a bit longer and brushing them to a side asymmetrically.


No list of hairstyles that one can make with short hair can be completed without those classic spikes. Yes, this hairstyle is always desirable and it gives you a great new look. The top can be left longer while asking your barber to give you graduated cut on shorter sides. Wax can now be used and the hair can be slicked in the forward direction with the help of both hands for achieving that handsome look.

Long Hair

Long hair can be molded in any way you may like. You don’t need to get your hair cut at all and should just let them grow. However, just keep it in mind that the front should be kept a bit neatened and trimmed regularly so that things can be kept under control.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Men's Hairstyles Latest Trends For 2017

As the year 2017 draws closer, people are now looking forward to different kinds of trends that the year will come with. The same stands true for the Men’s Haircut styles and latest in hairstyles for 2017. Taking inspiration from the most popular styles in 2016, we’ve formulated a list of some of the hairstyles that will come to stay in 2017. Let’s take a look at these!

Undercut With A Fringe

This type of undercut is actually a classic cut but it deviates slightly from the standard form of undercut. It includes longer fringe which is textured and layered. In order to get the desired look properly, it would be necessary for you to grow the hair to long-medium length and then go for skin fading undercut. It is important that you choose the right barber because this hairstyle certainly needs some skill. It is also suggested that matt clay or pomade should be used for giving good hold to the fringe and also keeping that dry look. 

  • Buzzcut

Buzzcut has been popular in recent times and it can be expected to be a popular choice again in the next year. This haircut actually requires you to cut your hair too short clipping them close to your head by using a razor. Though you may not have the liberty of styling your hair too much but this really is the best solution for you if you are dealing with receding hairlines. 

  • Mr. Business (Men's Hairstyles Latest Trends For 2017)

If your job needs you to stay shaved all the time and look tidy then you should definitely opt for this particular hairstyle. For getting this hairstyle, your hair should be grown to medium length while you should maintain shorter length towards sides and back of the head. It’s a simple yet classic haircut which makes you presentable no matter what occasion it may be. 

  • Side Parting

Side parting became really popular this year and it really is going to be trendy in 2017 as well. This hairstyle gives you the timeless look that makes you look perfect regardless of the season or the kind of clothes you put on. In this hairstyle, you have smooth side parting while the back and the sides are shaved. You can give yourself somewhat sharper look by getting the line shaved in your head. 

  • The Swoop

Are you a ‘Belieber’? Not yet? But you must admit that Beiber’s taste in hairstyles is really good. Recently, he gave his hair a completely new look by dyeing them in the same shade as that of Draco Malfoy and opted for that side swoop. You may need to dare a lot for having this hairstyle but if the hair can be grown long enough for having this hairstyle and you believe that you also have matching style then you should have this haircut for sure. Make sure that the hair length is grown to about 4 to 7 inches. Ask the barber that top should be disconnected and hair should become short while moving to front.