Saturday, 15 October 2016

8 Best Hairstyles For Men

Here we go with the 8 best hairstyles for men. Men’s fashion and style is closely associated with the kind of hair they have and the haircut they get to groom their personality even further. With so many different options around, short hairstyles are always popular as they allow you to have classy looks in a variety of ways. Here are top 10 hairstyles for men that can make you look gorgeous. 

Slicked Back Undercut

It is an undercut variation that needs you to have really short sides and back with quite long bangs as well as thickness on top. You can achieve the desired look with the help of gel, if wet look is desirable, or pomade. 

Short & Tight

In order to give yourself that fresh look which needs minimal maintenance, short & tight haircut is definitely tailor made for you. This haircut requires you to have short hair overall while some thickness is left on top. Textured look can be achieved by using some wax on top.

Brushed Up

You may be very well familiar with Caesar Cut. The brushed up hairstyle is some caesar cut’s longer version of sorts. It requires you to have somewhat shorter hair on back and sides of the head. Hair on top of the head is spiked in upward direction by using a brush and some wax. Doing so will provide you with complete layered effect.

Short Sides & Back

This style can suit, literally, any face. Short sides & back are the most appropriate choice for people who want zero or little maintenance of hair after initially setting them in their chosen style. In order to achieve more dramatic appearance, you can go for sides that are extra short.

Slicked Back

You can easily get this look if you want to make sure that your hair stays on top for a little longer. You can sweep the hair on top in backwards direction by using some wax. After that, the sides should be slicked backwards in same direction as well.

Angular Fringe

This is probably the best hairstyle for the summer months. You can achieve this epic style by keeping your front hair a bit longer and brushing them to a side asymmetrically.


No list of hairstyles that one can make with short hair can be completed without those classic spikes. Yes, this hairstyle is always desirable and it gives you a great new look. The top can be left longer while asking your barber to give you graduated cut on shorter sides. Wax can now be used and the hair can be slicked in the forward direction with the help of both hands for achieving that handsome look.

Long Hair

Long hair can be molded in any way you may like. You don’t need to get your hair cut at all and should just let them grow. However, just keep it in mind that the front should be kept a bit neatened and trimmed regularly so that things can be kept under control.

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