Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tired Of Grooming Short Curly Hair? Here Are 5 Top Tips

The first thing you do to style your curly hair in short size is to give a perfect cut to your hair. For this, a saloon visit is the best option. After that you can spend some time in choosing good products with which you can manage your style and tame your little curls. Hairs with 2” to 3” length are considered short in curls and they reduce your styling time too. Here are 5 top tips to keep your short curly hair tamed and looking great most of the time.

Check these five steps for the Hair Problem Solution

  1. Choose Your Shampoo 
  2. Pat And Do Not Rub 
  3. Use Hair Moisturizing Conditioner 
  4. Comb Using Fingers 
  5. Apply Hair-Care Products 

Choose Your Shampoo 

Curly hairs are mostly dry because the natural oil on the scalp does not find it easy to move down to the roots. Use of shampoo removes the oil and hair tends to be even dryer. So, you need to use the shampoo once a week only and must select your shampoo with great care. 

Any formula added with sulfate is not suitable for you. Pick a shampoo that is specially made for curly hair as its formula is added with what your curls need.

Pat And Do Not Rub

After washing your hair use the towel only for patting down your hair and not rubbing. Damage is increased with rubbing and hair tends to become like animated cartoons and frizzy. Better, if you avoid the towel completely and use an old pure cotton T-shirt instead of tapping down your hair. 

Use Hair Moisturizing Conditioner 

For better and more focused care of your curls, get a suitable conditioner for your hair. Make sure that you get something that has more moisture and suits your hair type. You can use it more frequently and not only after shampooing your hair. 

Comb Using Fingers 

Combing curly hair frequently with a typical comb or brush is a totally wrong idea. This makes your hair buffy and you lose those soft well-formed little curves that add personality to your hairstyle. Use your fingers to softly undo the knots, if there are any. If a comb is needed at all, go for a wide teeth comb. These are sold at any store selling hair-care products.

Apply Hair-Care Products 

Using hair-care products for curly hair is highly recommended. You can ask your personal barber to recommend a few. You can also try one or two based on the information written on the packs and discover what suits you better. But do not forget that the trick is also in the way you apply them in your hair. Rub a little amount between your palms and apply gently all over the hair. Do not rub hard. Let your curls look shiny and smooth but not weighed down with grease. Also, make sure that you distribute evenly. The best thing is that you should apply the products in your hair when they are a little wet but the water is not dripping down.  Last, but not the least, get good hair treatment after a while to keep your hair well-groomed at all times. 

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