Wednesday, 2 November 2016

10 Coolest Hairstyles and Beard Grooming Ideas for Men

If you are one of those men who are gifted with lush and thick facial hair, you must try several beard styles to flaunt your natural masculinity. Beard styles are numerous and every man with his specific features can choose many of them. Pick a few styles from below 10 Coolest Hairstyles and Beard Grooming Ideas for Men for your face from the ideas below:

With a tidier and cleaner look, Balbo is the most popular beard style these days. This is highly suitable for men with narrow jaws, short haircut, pointy chin and thin lips. Keep the mustaches short and narrow for best results. 

  • Balbo
  • Circle Beard 
  • Stretched Goatee
  • Short Stubble 
  • Goatee 
  • Full Beard  

This beard style is achieved by growing beard and mustache and then taming them both in a round shape like a goatee style but around the mouth only. The sides on your cheeks are fully shaved. This beard defines the face in a more presentable manner.

This beard is an extended shape of goatee. From both sides, the beard is kept stretched till half of the cheeks only. The sideburns are fully shaved. The mustaches are kept in medium length and width but the ends come down and merge in the beard. 

Short stubble beard style can be achieved in a few days. The trick is to quit shaving for 2-3 days and then groom the edges clean. Easy to maintain and hassle-free to style, this beard is very famous among young men. 

This style has many forms and shapes. According to your face shape, keep it round or pointy at the chin, give it short or medium length, trim it highly defining or just leave it a bit untamed. 

All over the world, in many different cultures, full beard is most favored by men. It exhibits more of men’s features than other shorter trendy beards. Keeping it well-trimmed is the trick to look amiable among clean shaved population. Another trick is to cut your hair in a trendy way and style them matching with your dense beard. Medium length hair with slick back combing or classic side parted undercut would match a full beard.

The following 4 beard grooming ideas work well with certain hairstyles:

Slick Back Long Hair with Round Full Beard 

This style suits many different types of faces because of its full features. Try it, you will find it amazing. Use some product for a clean slick back style and keep the beard carefully trimmed!

High Fade With Slick Back And Full Beard

In this style, you can keep your beard long but edges should be clean from outgrowing hair. It adds to your serene look, especially, with your well-groomed hairstyle. 

Man-Bun With Full Beard 

Reflecting vintage trends, this beard looks classic especially when you add a bun with it. So, you need to maintain long hair with a full beard to make a complete bun. Keep the style of your beard well-groomed and do not let edges go unruly. 

Long Hair With Undercut And Long Shape Beard 

Long hair with undercuts looks great when you have a full beard. Let your hair fall at either side while keep the beard trimmed in a long shape.

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